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Company Secretarial Services Fees

Are you concern about all the conventional company secretarial services fees that you need to bear on a long-term basis? What if there is an option for you to reduce all these company secretary fees but with greater efficiency of handling your company secretarial related matters? At EC Secretary, we truly understand your business concerns, which is why we have come up with various affordable secretarial services pricing packages with the flexibility and cost-savings that your company require while maintaining the efficiency and high performance that are essential for the progress of your business.

It is highly important to deal with legal and corporate governance-related matters on a timely basis to avoid unfavourable legal consequences and penalties. Understanding the needs of business owners and entrepreneurs in terms of meeting legal and corporate compliance requirements, and the possible seriousness of the consequences at stake, EC Secretary make it a top priority to offer on-time delivery of all its services ranging from company incorporation and company secretarial works to accounting and payroll management. For instance, ensuring the monthly compulsory contribution of EPF, SOCSO, EIS, PCB, etc., are accurately calculated and timely deposited to the respective accounts is highly important to prevent unnecessary legal consequences such as penalties by the relevant authorities. With our outsourced payroll service, you can better manage your Human Resource matters. From tabulation of the compulsory monthly contributions to the generation of salary slips or payslips, as well as yearly remuneration statement for private employees (EA Form) etc., EC Secretary can take care of all these hassles for your company when you outsource to us.   

Half Yearly/Yearly



  • Data entry – Invoices, Expenses, Assets, Claims,
  • Monthly Bank reconciliation (cash book if any)
  • Accounting Treatment and tax consequences
  • Update on tax, SST, compliance consequences
  • Liased with Auditor & Tax Agent
  • Liased with Administration Clerk on proper filling and data keeping
  • Liased with director/owner to keep them aware on their business performance and tax consequences
  • ** Recommend for small size enterprise/ sole proprietor **
  • .




  • Registration of E number
  • Declaration of Form E
  • Declaration of Form CP8D
  • Compliance of Benefit in Kind
  • Per Person Rm 50 (add on)

New Setup Meeting



  • Setup a Accounting filling,
  • Chart of Account, document numbers setup
  • Cost idea & tax consequences and management
  • Expenses & Claim Setup
  • Asset and Liability Setup

Other HR Services


Per Request

  • Letter of Offer (template)
  • Letter of Confirmation (template)
  • Staff Handbook (RM500++)
  • Notice
  • FORM CP22, CP22A (RM20/pax)
  • Registration of EPF, SOCSO, EIS, HRDF (RM250/PLACE)

Full-Fledged Service Packages

What’s more, you can now reduce your business operational and overhead costs by outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting works as well as payroll management to us with a competitive pricing package. Let us take care of the daily bookkeeping hassles for you while you focus on managing and growing your business. You don’t need to spend lots of money to acquire or custom-built accounting and payroll systems to manage your business transactions and staff payroll. Now, with outsourced accounting and payroll management services, you can easily take care of your employee’s payroll and accounting matters without investing lots of money to acquire the accounting and payroll systems.

Understanding your business needs to optimize your resources for your company’s growth, we have come up with a series of affordable and reasonable secretarial services pricing packages that are able to accommodate different business needs based on the type of company setup and your business model, the size of your manpower, tenure and types of recruitment such as part-time, full-time, commissions basis, etc. You can choose from the range of package options that best suits your business. By outsourcing your company secretarial, accounting and payroll works to us, you can greatly reduce your costs on company secretary fees, hiring permanent long-term accounting and administrative staff to handle your daily bookkeeping and monthly payroll matters. What are you waiting for? Start your cost-saving regime while maintaining your business operation’s efficiency now by outsourcing your company secretarial, accounting and payroll related works to us now!