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Why Engage a Corporate Secretarial Firm?


A corporate secretarial firm helps meet all the required legal compliances and corporate governance obligations, so you can optimize your time and resources to focus on your business operations. It is essential for businesses or corporate organisations to meet the regulatory, legal and entity governance obligations within the jurisdiction where they operate. However, fulfilling these legal compliances is a tedious and time-consuming task as you need to understand the ins and outs of legal and regulatory frameworks within the jurisdiction in which your company operates. Besides taking up too much of your time, ensuring legal compliance can exhaust your financial and manpower resources, which are some of the main reasons why you should engage a corporate secretarial firm. EC Secretary offers you a wide range of corporate secretarial services which can help you save time and resources, so you can fully utilise them to enhance your business operations to achieve the business aims and growth that you set forth. Despite the size of your company, large or small, fulfilling legal compliance is essential. Why wait for things to get out of hand and put your company at risk of getting penalties and facing unfavourable legal consequences? Why not, let us handle these corporate secretarial tasks for you now?

One-Stop Corporate Secretarial Hub

We offer an all-inclusive range of corporate secretarial services such as Company Incorporation and Business Registration, MOF Registration, Payroll and HR Management, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services, Auditing and Taxation Services, as well as Business Advisory and Consulting Services.  We offer you a one-stop solution to help you handle all tedious tasks that require meticulous attention to ensure accuracy that is in line with the standards and regulations set forth by the relevant authorities.

Be it a start-up related matters such as company incorporation and business registration, to ongoing corporate secretarial functions such as maintaining the statutory register, provision of registered office, provision of nominee directors and shareholders, facilitating bank signatories arrangement, drafting and maintaining minutes of meeting and resolutions, filing of secretarial returns, liquidation and dissolution, etc., we help you settle them with professionalism and fastidious care.

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business advisory & consulting services

Business Advisory and Consulting Services

We truly understand the hassles that you need to deal with when it comes to legal compliance and corporate governance. From corporate governance to auditing and taxation aspects, actual circumstances faced by each firm or organisation varies, and thus, constantly requires corporate secretarial, business advisory and consulting services, to ensure they meet the requirements set forth by the Companies Act and laws of the jurisdiction in which the business organisation and its branches operate. In addition, for companies that aim to venture into business dealings with government sectors, including supplying goods and services including consultancy to government departments and agencies, obtaining the MOF Licence Treasury Registrations is a prerequisite. At EC Secretary, our team of professional experts is ever-ready to provide the consultation you need to meet the compliance requirements, facilitating your company to achieve the desired status and business aims.