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Company Secretary Service

EC Secretary is a secretary firm in KL with decades of experience in providing company secretary service to various companies ranging from large corporations to small and medium enterprises. Now, with EC Secretary’s latest state-of-the-art system, we help business owners to turn cost-saving and time-saving into a reality, providing them with a one-stop solution ranging from digital company secretary service to payroll management as well as bookkeeping and accounting services. As a long-standing secretary firm in KLwe has been assisting hundreds of businesses in dealing with their monthly payroll management, day-to-day bookkeeping of their business transactions including invoicing and collection, as well as executing relevant corporate secretarial functions from time to time. Amongst the company secretary in KL, our team of certified and highly qualified professionals offers top-notch services with efficiency and accuracy, ensuring all legal compliance and corporate governance aspects are handled with detailed attention and the essential scrutiny to prevent any unnecessary and unfavourable legal consequences.

What’s more, in order to help facilitate the business growth of our clients, we offer value-added services such as MOF Licence Treasury Registrations, a compulsory requirement that companies must fulfil prior to entering into any business dealings with the Government departments and agencies. Apart from that, through outsourcing their bookkeeping and accounting services to us, our team of finance and accounting experts are able to assist clients in taxation matters while enabling them to make well-informed business decisions with regards to their business investments, assets acquisition and liquidation, as well as financial reporting to business stakeholders. 

All-Inclusive Solution is Just a Click Away

Managing your talents and business operations is inevitable to achieve business growth and maintain sustainability. Thus, you should be focusing more of your time and effort on securing more business deals and managing your company, instead of overspending your time and efforts in tedious works such as bookkeeping and accounting and legal compliances. As a well-established company secretary in Kuala Lumpur, we provide you with the business convenience that you need at an affordable price range, allowing you to obtain the most efficient services you need in just a click away!   

If you are searching for a company secretary in KL that offers you a one-stop solution ranging from bookkeeping and accounting services to payroll management, you have found the right service provider. Outsourcing your payroll management as well as bookkeeping and accounting works to us can greatly help reduce unnecessary costs, such as cutting down on salary, EPF and SOCSO contributions as well as other fringe benefits for a permanent hire of accounting staff and administrative staff. At an affordable monthly retainers fee, our advanced payroll and accounting systems are able to assist you in recording and tabulating all transactions on the dot with precision, preventing any unfavourable legal consequences, especially with relevance to taxation matters. In addition, if your company is looking forward to obtaining tender of projects or business deals with the Government departments and agencies, we can also assist you in MOF Licence Treasury Registrations, a prerequisite that companies must fulfil before dealing with the Government sectors. If these are the type of comprehensive range of services that you are looking for, look no further, EC Secretary is the company secretary in Kuala Lumpur that can help you achieve these business aims.